Good experience (as always) with a local business

“Service was a spring tune up for the AC. Eric D. was professional, told me what he was going to do, e.g., service the outside piece of the AC system, then service the inside bit (part of the furnace – circulating fan – and cooling coils in the duct above the furnace), then did it. He found the starting capacitor for the circulating fan was below spec, he recommended replacement, so had him replace it while he was here.

Arizona Comfort has figured out the "social distancing" thing with a text from Eric to the office with what he found, then a phone call from them to confirm I wanted the capacitor replaced, and credit card over the phone (or I could have given him a check). Eric was wearing a mask and we maintained our distance (8 – 10 ft) while he explained everything.

Good experience (as always) with a local business.”

– Steve O.