HVAC technician installing an air conditioner.

When it comes to investing in a new heater or air conditioner, you want the top system, materials, and installation your money can buy. At Arizona Comfort Systems, we agree. Working with the best is the formula for a long-lasting, superior system.

We see how other HVAC companies charge less for their installations. They cut corners, remove features, and use less-than-quality materials. You will never experience this with us. You deserve excellence, and that is exactly what you receive from everyone here. And we stand behind all we do. Customer satisfaction is everything to us.

Air Conditioning Installation
Here in Sierra Vista, AZ, air conditioning is a lifeline with our high temperatures. It is just too hot in this part of the world not to have a reliable and efficient cooling system. When it is time for a new air conditioner, whether you are looking to upgrade or building a house, selecting the right professionals to install your system is vitally important. We believe it is as essential as the brand and model air conditioner you choose. It’s imperative to install your system correctly, or you will never experience the level of comfort you want in your home for years to come.

Our experienced technicians properly size the equipment they install. Improper sizing reduces your new system’s reliability by stressing its components. If it is either too large or too small for your home, it cannot work effectively to give your home the consistent cooling you desire.

It is a similar issue if your ductwork is not properly sized. As a result, you may experience comfort problems and higher utility bills. It can also affect the health of your system, causing it to work harder than it should. This increases the wear and tear on your system, shortening its lifespan.

Another significant problem you could experience with the wrong installation team is an incorrect refrigerant charge. This is more serious than it may sound. An incorrect refrigerant charge will lower your system’s efficiency by up to 20 percent and will ultimately cause premature component failure. These repairs tend to be costly. You can avoid this with our knowledgeable installers. We use digital refrigerant gauges, allowing us to check your refrigerant within one degree.

Heater Installation
Your heater’s installation is no less important than your air conditioner’s. For the same reasons cited above—improperly sized equipment and ductwork—you need the most qualified and knowledgeable installers for your project. We provide superior system design, utilizing Manual J, D, and S standards to be sure your equipment is the perfect size for your home and comfort needs. Our professionals also only select and use materials based on their quality, not their price. And that is why we provide equipment from top manufacturers such as Trane, Daikin, and Honeywell. We believe in the value of quality.

Our Lifetime Warranty for Installations
When you are paying to have a new heater or air conditioner installed, you want it to last. Other companies continue to use the cheapest parts to boost their bottom line instead of delivering the excellence you deserve. We are so confident with the quality of our new installations, we will provide you with a limited lifetime warranty at your installation, when you have an active Energy Savings Plan Membership. Call us for details.

We Are Ready for Your Project
When you invest in an HVAC system, you expect a quality job. At Arizona Comfort Systems, you get just that. We take pride in our craftsmanship and our high level of customer service. When you want to discuss a new air conditioner or heater for your home, no matter if you are upgrading or building, call us at 520-459-5681 for a free estimate. We are the right company for you.

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