Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Bisbee, AZ 85603

“We have 4 ductless mini-split systems and haven't experienced any major problems. Except for when annual maintenance was performed and the technician missed a step which caused one unit to stop heating. We caller for service and they were very quick to respond but we found out from the service technician that the individual who had performed the annual maintenance had missed a final step. All was operational again but we were not happy that we incurred a $113 fee for someone else's error. The next issue we had was with wind damage. One of our 4 units was installed on the roof of our second story home. And although we asked if the unit would withstand high winds they installed it anyway. A few weeks later the drainage pipe blew off and we had to have it repaired. We didn't experience any other issues until this April with one day of high winds which completely damaged the unit on the roof. Now they are moving the unit to the ground but we are incurring the cost for repair/replacement parts of over$2,500. We like the company, the service and the product but it's getting expensive.”

– JoAnn T.