Air Conditioner Replacement in Sierra Vista, AZ 85650

“Regrettably my air conditioning stopped working on Friday, June 24, but I was so busy on other matters I did not get around to calling you folks until Sunday, knowing I would be paying emergency response fee along with repairs. Adrian’s “window” was 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. I was pleased to note Adrian was at my front door at exactly 10:00 am! After providing an orientation to my system and giving him street access through the garage, Adrian got busy with his diagnosis of my HVAC problem. Although he determined fairly early on that the problem was a failure of the Motor Run Capacitor, he checked for related problems and explored other potential problems. Although the failed Motor Run Capacitor was two months beyond warrant, he worked telephonically with your office and other data sets until the failed unit was accepted under warranty, saving me money! I was now looking at just having to pay the usual emergency diagnostic fee of $168. Andrea replaced the Motor Run Capacitor with the rather improved TP-CAP-36/5/440USA-R. I was impressed with Adrian’s efficiently and his clear explanations of his actions and decision variables. Adrian is a very smart chap in addition to being friendly and outgoing!
As Adrian was doing his required analysis of the furnace unit, he initiated a discussion of its age. By this time in Adrian’s visit, I had considerable confidence in Adrian professionally and judged that I could obtain his honest opinions relative to an issue that has been bothering me for some time, namely when the outside finally had a freon problem and had to be replaced, it would be foolish not to also replace the old furnace unit with a more modern, integrated total system, including a variable speed motor. Adrian spent no less than 25 minutes giving me his opinions on a new integrated system. He explained the problems Train was having since the pandemic and suggested that you folks are now working with Daikin, an efficient and reliable producer. He literally sold me of the fact I did not need a top-of-the-line sized system (Seer 20) and a Seer 16 would work for me nicely, giving me a generalized cost estimate. He even took the time to explain your 36-month financing system, which I hope not to need when the time comes. Adrian also explained and pointed out why I needed a duct cleaning as well. So the long and short of it is that questions about replacing the whole system that have been needling me for a couple of years, have been answered by Adrian.
so when, in the next year or two when “IT’S TIME” I already know just right for me. Adrian is a “Keeper”. You are fortunate to have him on your team.”

– Thomas/Tom H.