Air Conditioner Repair in Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

“Gilbert was professional and very thorough. I was hoping to get a repair of my central air conditioner, and he determined that it needed refrigerant, and that it could be added.
He was very polite and he explained in detail what he found out by inspecting my system. I am waiting for an email from Arizona Comfort Systems before deciding what to do next, because my AC is 20+ years old, and it’s refrigerant has been discontinued, and isn’t widely available anymore, and it’s very expensive. I have learned that air conditioning units tend to leak after refrigerant is added, and likely it won’t last long, and then I will have to replace it sooner than later.
I was very satisfied with our appointment, but I am not sure yet what is my next move. My AC is cooling my house okay right now, and maybe I can wait a few months before replacing it, since I won’t need it again until next May after we get through October. Summer is almost over, then I will have more time to gather my money together to replace it.
I would say that Gilbert is a good technician, very thorough, and I believe that you will be satisfied with his work.”

– Gilbert R.