Air Conditioner Repair in Hereford, AZ 85615

“Benjamin was exactly on time … and the company had e-mailed us a picture of Benjamin so we knew who to expect … and he was in the company truck and was in uniform. We needed service on a Saturday because our air conditioner had stopped working after 5 on Friday. But the company answered their phone after working hours and sent a repairman at noon the next day. Benjamin was polite, personable, efficient and he explained what the problem was completely. He answered our questions as to why the AC stopped working and explained what needed to happen to fix it. He was able to install the repair part and the visit only took about an hour. Our only concern is that we had this AC unit installed 14 months ago and it ALREADY needed a repair. And, of course, it is not covered by the warranty. Apparently, all the newer units come with the adaptation that keeps this problem from happening. We certainly hope we don't encounter this problem again. Benjamin's service was excellent.”

– Chuck O.