Thank you Juan L. for everything and God bless you all AZ Comfort, you guys Rock!

“I ordered the A/C for my home, since I have been living utilizing evaporative coolers to cool down the house for the past 10+ years, at first it was a scary decision as it felt like it was going to be costly and I wasn’t too sure. The prior visits by the AZ Comfort staff Mr. Tomas (who sold me the system) Mr. Nacho Tapia (Who did the initial walk thru to get things rolling) the eased my concerns on getting this done. Then here came the installer the great Mr. Juan L., I can honestly say that in my life I have not met a person so dedicated and passionate for the quality of work he can perform to supersede customer satisfaction, this guy its a true believer or quality work vice quantity of work, a quality trait that in todays market it is seldom to find. Mr. Juan L. from day one, from the minute he arrived he introduced himself and explained everything that was going to happen, and how it was going to happen to develop the picture to answer any concerns, I don’t think I asked a question he didn’t have the answer to it. Then he went to business, Mr. Juan on day 1, he went from nothing to have everything installed and running, he wanted to make sure that, on is first day of work, we could start enjoying our new quality of life and investment. I for sure wasn’t expecting that. On day two he perfectioned his quality of work from day one, because then he stated to detail everything he did the day before, one of my most impressive take away from his was the fact that he could have cut corners on doing his work, but he didn’t wanted to, because then he would feel uncomfortable that he wasn’t providing the best service he was train for. I was amaze with his honesty, professionalism, customer needs comes 1st mentality, and mostly his quality of work. Words do not describe how much I do appreciate the time and dedication he put into installing my A/C system. To me, if every employee in AZ comfort do conduct themselves and provide the same quality of work in the same manner that this team did. Anyone who gets a system installed in their house will enjoy the experience as I did and mostly the piece of mind knowing that we are in good hands for the life of the system. Thank you Juan L. for everything and God bless you all AZ Comfort, you guys Rock! I don’t think that there is competition in the AZ counties that could ever catch up with you guys. Awesome Job!”