How Can I Get My Heat Pump to Last Longer?

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The average air-source heat pump lasts approximately 15 years. But your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit’s life span is dependent on several factors, including its design and overall quality. However, there are many factors that you, as owner, directly control. 

Pump It Up, Perfectly

Caring for your heat pump requires diligence, but is quite manageable if you get into the habit of it. Often, tasks are easier if you break them down into steps. So, from our experienced team at Arizona Comfort Systems, here are five steps you can take to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape and help make it last even longer:

1. Change Your Air Filter

Changing your heat pump’s air filter is key to its long life. Filters help provide cleaner air for you to breathe in your Sierra Vista home. They also protect your heat pump’s equipment from dust. 

If a filter gets too dirty, it does more harm than good. With more and more built-up debris, your filter hinders air from passing through the way it should. A dirty filter means your heat pump will work harder and longer to reach the desired temperature, or it may even short cycle. Either way, it is definitely hard on your heat pump’s internal components. 

Both Arizona Comfort Systems and ENERGY STAR® recommend changing your filter every three months—even more frequently if you have pets or a smoker in your Arizona home—but double check your manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Additionally, it is a good idea to habitually check your filter. If it looks like it needs to be changed, it probably does.

2. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

The cleanliness of the area around the outdoor components of your heat pump is often overlooked. Remove sticks, leaves, and excess dirt from your outdoor box. Trim any shrubbery or vines growing near it. 

During cold weather, snow and ice can be the enemy of your unit. Be conscious of the outside component’s appearance during wintertime. If it becomes ridden with snow or ice, power your unit down. Then pour warm water over it, and clean off the remaining frozen buildup.

3. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Dust, debris, and even mold can settle in your Sierra Vista home’s ductwork over time. This can have negative effects on your indoor air quality (IAQ). In addition, it is rough on your system’s components. 

To ensure proper airflow and clean air, you should have your ducts professionally cleaned periodically. As a result, your system’s internal parts will be less likely to develop residue and more likely to last longer.

4. Schedule Routine Maintenance

What is the best way to prevent system breakdowns? Maintenance, of course. 

By scheduling professional preventative maintenance at least once every year, you will ensure your system is running at peak performance. During the visit, our Arizona Comfort Systems licensed professional can quickly diagnose and treat potential problems. Any faulty parts, loose screws, or dirty components can quickly be remedied.

5. Have Repairs Performed by a Licensed Professional

If your heat pump needs to be repaired, have it done by one of our highly trained and experienced pros. While an under-qualified technician may tempt you with dirt-cheap prices, it is best to have a knowledgeable professional take care of the repair. 

Many factors in the repair, if wrongly executed, can void your heat pump system’s warranty and lead to future problems. So you should always trust one of our team member’s expertise to address your issue.

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